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6 ways Tavala pays

1 Team Commissions:

You can get paid up to 10 levels into your organization. No cap on your front line width.

2 Customer Bonus:

We love Customers! You get 10% of DC on every product purchased by your Customers.

3 Alpha Bonus:

If a new Brand Partner buys an Alpha or Builder Pack in their first full commission week after enrollment, you earn 20% of that DC.

4 Lifestyle Bonuses:

We love paying lifestyle bonuses every four weeks including $350 for Gold, $750 for Platinum, $1,500 for Rose Gold, & $2,000 for White Gold

5 Rank Advancement Bonuses:

Rank advancement Bonuses are an exciting milestone and payday for our Brand Partners. They start at $10,000 and go all the way to a possible $1,000,000 one-time bonus!

6 Race to the Pool:

The first three Brand Partners who reach the rank of 24 Karat Gold get to participate in the first ever Global Pool payout.

Compensation Plan Overview Video

For downloadable Compensation Plan, click HERE

Get Paid Six Ways Quickly:

There are several ways to receive your commissions/bonuses from Tavala. One great way is to use our custom Tavala Visa card. We want you to receive your bonuses and commissions as quickly as possible. When you earn commissions you deserve your money quickly! Receiving your commissions is not only simplified when you choose Tavala’s custom Visa card but a great way to brand your business when you pay for lunch for a friend for example. We even pay the postage to send your card to you. With the card you'll be able to use your money for your lifestyle dreams anyway you’d like! Enjoy and “Lifestyle” your way!
Tavala's Custom VISA Card
How do you lifestyle?
Tavala loves paying Lifestyle Bonuses. Every four weeks Tavala Brand Partners can earn generous bonuses to enhance their Lifestyle. Bonuses start at $350 and go all the way up to a life-changing $2,000 every four weeks. These are your bonuses. You choose how you lifestyle, so “lifestyle” your way.